Aquafutures 2021 Announced!

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What is Aquafutures?
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Royal Life Saving is focused on reducing drowning and promoting healthy, active and skilled communities through innovative, reliable, evidence-based advocacy; strong and effective partnerships and quality programs, products and services.
In 2013, Royal Life Saving Society Queensland decided to bring all stakeholders and the whole Aquatic Industry together to create the Aquafutures International Conference. Aquafutures International Conference is designed to educate and network within the whole industry. Royal Life Saving Society Queensland prides itself as a leader in the aquatic industry and providing water safety advocacy.

Aquafutures International Conference is an event that Royal Life Saving Society Queensland host Bi-annually. This year’s conference is about implementing the new standards and moving the aquatic industry into the future. This year we will be covering First Aid, Pool Plant Operations, Training, Guidelines to Safe Pool Operations standards (GSPO) and the new Supervision Plans. The Supervision Plans are commencing 1 September 2019

Aquafutures International Conference 2019 is the only workshop in Queensland that will explain the new GSPO Supervision chapter and help design new Supervision Plan in the GSPO. The changes in the GSPO will take place on 1 September 2019. this Supervision Plan is a must for all pools come 1 September 2019.

Royal Life Saving Society Queensland is holding the Aquafutures conference in August this year. We have held the conference every two years since 2013 to support the aquatic industry and its stakeholders. This year, we will be holding the conference in various locations throughout Queensland as follows:

  • North Queensland: Cairns (Mareeba)
  • Central Coastal Region: Mackay
  • South East Queensland Region: Gold Coast
  • Regional Region: Longreach

Aquafutures is specifically designed to address the aquatic industry and all key stakeholders, including:

• Pool Managers & Staff
• Swim School Operators
• Local Government Staff
• Suppliers to the Aquatic Industry

The conference will deliver sessions to help educate pool operators on the current Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations and help them design a compliant Supervision Plan. Additionally, this year we intend to hold the Courses in Longreach and Townsville regions. While the courses and locations are yet to be confirmed, our proposed Conference Schedule is shown below:

We have tried to make this years conference low cost, easy for regional participants to attend and with multiple dates so no conflict would occur. With these aspects in mind, we are pleased to launch a conference program that solves these issues, by holding four conferences in four separate locations (North Queensland, Central Region, South East Queensland and Western Queensland).

Our website will be updated over the coming days with more information.